Why Do Babies Smell So Good?! | Baby Blend Bash

I just visited a friend who recently gave birth to an extremely cute boy. I immediately smelled a familiar and relaxing scent when I entered their home. When I was given a chance to cradle the baby in my hands, there was it again.

It was not only because of the mild aromas of baby products (though I have to admit, those smell pretty nice, too!). Babies just emit this natural scent that makes us want to protect them from anything at all costs. Perhaps an evolutionary trait.

Babies smell sooooo good.

I asked my good friend Google to tell me more about this particular scent. I found out that the aroma that babies produce is legitimately intoxicating.

In a study published in the journal Frontiers of Psychology, experts monitored the neurological activities of 30 women. 15 of them had recently just given birth, and the other 15 had never given birth. They smelled used shirts of two-day-old infants who were unfamiliar to them. Researchers found that the brain areas that lit up were the same as other stimuli, such as tasting delicious food or drugs.

Fascinating, indeed!

Baby Blend Bash

The moment I got home, I immediately ordered these returning scents from Pink Zebra. They are from the Baby Blend Bash release, and I'm excited to warm our home up with the gentle aromas of baby products.

Try them out, too! Here are the scents available.

*Cozy Blanket: A cozy, comforting medley of Shea butter and vanilla flower nestled with sandalwood and amber.

*Baby Powder: Precious memories and new beginnings: comforting notes of soft white powder and lavender touched by soothing vanilla.

New Baby: Tender apricot blanketed with milk notes, tonka bean, and creamy sandalwood.

Snack Time! Banana Berry Oat: Sweet essence of pureed banana, sweet berries, and honey oats.

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Image by: Filip Mroz, Unsplash