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Just another day for a Pink Zebra consultant

Just another day for a Pink Zebra consultant

This morning I went to my oldest son's award celebration. We were expecting him to receive Honor Roll as his grades were all A's and B's, but alas his class was called up and his name was not. He sat in tears because he had worked so hard to bring all his grades up this past semester. His stepmom and I addressed the teacher afterward to discover that the teacher doesn't give out the award at this school (it's a private school) but the computer generates the GPA and rounds DOWN. So, he was a point or two off. Bummer. Nothing like watching your child tear up. The teacher and principal decided that he DID deserve the Honor Roll certificate and printed one for him. He was happy to have an award in his name, but we had assured him over and over on how proud we were that he worked so hard to get his grades up.

Racing back home, I knew there was a Pink Zebra delivery sitting at my door! Nothing quite makes my day like getting a pink and white Zebra stripped box! Inside was a Black Gingham simmer pot (wax warmer), a Metal Floral Accent shade, a Paisley Hang-It, and a Paisley Mug! I've been wanting the mug since I started. You can only get it if you are a consultant. Kind of felt like hitting the lottery! I also got a Sweet Treat Blend Bash box, more samples Yay!

Let's not forget the most exciting part, June's Club Pink! This is the sample carton for the upcoming month's Paisley Pick. For the month of June, it is Water Lotus. This soy scented wax smells like rosewater, mineral springs, lotus and sun-soaked amber, simply put it smells like a day at the spa! I've been simmering it all day. This will be available to purchase June 1st-30th.

It's the last week of school and in between graduations, promotions, parties etc., a friend stopped by to pick up her order. We just kept missing each other all week. The first thing she said when she walked in was "What is that smell?" She loved the Water Lotus and can't wait until she can order it next month. I sent her on her way with a sample bag. That led me to post on my Facebook page about how excited I am to get this sample into all my customers hands!

Shortly after she left, the doorbell rang. I had no idea who it could be, completely forgetting that it's water day. The water guy was here to collect the empties and give us full bottles. We share small talk and I decided he needed to take some Pink Zebra samples home to his wife. He enjoyed the Lemon Pound Cake so much that I gave him a second sample just for his truck. I packed samples after he left, while my youngest was watching tv. I'm having a blast using my new Dymo printer to make labels for them. Much easier then printing on mailing labels and cutting them out by hand. That's a pain!

I get a notification that I have a new email through my Facebook business page. It's someone asking how they can become a sales rep! This is super exciting because my other downline is family. This is my first outsider and I didn't have to hunt them down! They came to me! They loved the Pink Zebra they tried and want to sell it too! So, I sent them the information they asked for and I'll wait to hear back from them. Fingers and toes crossed!

Hubby came home with Reese's for me. Man knows the way to my heart! I asked him if he handed out the samples I had slipped him before heading to work this morning. He said he made everyone smell them. We'll see how that pans out. Until then, I'll continue to check my email hourly for customer orders or questions, like I'm obsessed with Pink Zebra or something. ;)