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July's Paisley Pick

July's Paisley Pick 2019

Faydra Bullis • Jul 04, 2019

July's Paisley Pick 2019

Hello All! I hope you are enjoying your summer! It has definitely been a hot one here in Tucson, AZ!

I'm bringing you a quick update on the newest Paisley Pick! This Summer Apple Crisp is AMAZING. It really smells just like an apple turn over or apple pie. We have been melting this scent continuously as my family enjoys it so much. You can really smell the caramel tones and the apples. In fact, when we first got our samples, it smelled of apple pie so much that my husband went out and bought an apple pie to eat!

I promise you will not be disappointed in this soy wax melt!  Unless of course if you miss out, then you will be. This scent is available through the month of July and only available in jars. Make sure to get a few to stock up on!

Join my Facebook Group if you'd like samples of the next month's Paisley Pick. I'll give you a hint... It has to do with Autumn. WebFlyer IC