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If I can do it...

If I can do it...

Faydra Bullis • May 19, 2019

If I can do it...

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I'm going to be completely honest with you. I am the laziest person you know. It may not seem like it with 3 kids, husband, household, and Amazon business to run, but really, I'd rather be on the couch watching movies or knitting in my spare time. (Which isn't a lot) The last thing I need is another thing on my plate.

I get a call from my mother one day. "You need to try this stuff! I need you to sign up!" No. No I don't have time to do anything else. I don't want to give up my little lazy time to do another thing. I don't want to sign up for something that's going to make me sign a contract and buy every month. No. I don't want whatever it is you are trying to sell me. I tell her that. "No really, I have to show you!" And so she drives all the way to me, in another town, to bring me the little bit she bought. She puts these little wax beads in my electric melter and it burns for an hour. It's the best smelling wax melts I've by far smelt, I'll give her that. "It's Pink Zebra! And these are soy sprinkles."

Ok, so it smells good, but can I even afford it? She tells me there are 3 different kits to choose from, all different prices. Ok, but do I have to sign something, or sell $500 every week? I don't want to push people. I hate that. That's why I sell on Amazon. No people pushing. "Yes, there's a minimum, it's $150 every 6 months to remain active". Ok, that's simple enough. $25 bucks a month. Do I make anything? "You can, if you sell $400 a month you get commission. Up to 35% on any order!" Ugh, I have to work it. More work. I just want to sit on the couch, not push people.

4 hours after she leaves, my house still smells amazing. The next day, my house STILL smells amazing. The burner had been on only for an hour the day prior. These Sprinkles really do last 24-36 hrs huh? Cool. I ask my husband if he's had any issues breathing. The cheap wax blocks from Walmart send him into an asthma attack and so I can't ever use them. He's had no issues. Maybe this stuff is worth checking out. I call mom, she needs a downline anyway, sign me up. I'm put on a few Facebook groups with other consultants and spend the next three days going over them and the setting up website stuff.

My kit gets here in no time. Seriously, like 3 days later. So that's exciting. Actually, I'm really excited to see what's inside. So excited that I decide to go live on Facebook and share this excitement with everyone. That's something I never do. Go live. Thought of it normally terrifies me. I wanted my first smells to be their first smells. My excitement to be theirs. It was kinda fun.

Fast forward a month. It's been crazy with end of school testing, graduation stuff, and one of our vehicles broke down, so now I'm playing taxi. Amazon still has to be worked every day. I still have no time, but I have had time for coffee with a friend. I've been able to preset a few Facebook posts, and my husband (Lord bless his patience) has showed me how to build a website. I've sent out samples with my Amazon mailings every day. And you know what? I've hit the $400 monthly goal, basically sitting on my butt. Something I didn't even think I could do, trying, I did with out even breaking a sweat. Don't let the "No, no, no's" deter you from something possibly great.

If my lazy butt can do it, anyone can.