How Aromatherapy Gives Any Room the Zen Vibes

When I was young, I used to walk my way from home to school, and back. Along the way, I pass by a lemon tree. I remember picking a leaf from the tree, crumpling it on the palm of my hands, and then sniffing it (like a fool).

Looking back, this made me realize that I’ve already loved aromatherapy even before knowing about Pink Zebra, and I will always love it because of the extraordinary experience it brings.

One second, you could be in a tulip field, and as the wind gently blows through the dancing flowers, a mild fragrant breeze embraces you. Another second, you are in the deepest corner of a maple forest in autumn. Yet, in another instant, you are in a garden of daffodils, roses, and daisies.

An Adventure

Aromatherapy is an olfactory adventure that brings you around the world while being safe and sound in your room. The practice of aromatherapy is evident among most (if not all) cultures around the world. The earliest evidence unearthed by experts is the remains of a neanderthal man with eight pollen grains of herbal plants with well-preserved and documented medicinal properties. This was in ancient Mesopotamia around 60,000 BCE. Time swiftly went by, and now, aromatherapy is one of the most familiar ways to achieve a sense of peace and relaxation.

How Does Aromatherapy Work?

Smelling anything involves tiny scent molecules entering our nostrils and stimulating hair-like sensors at the top of our nasal passage. Once a smell is sensed, it sends a signal to our brain, which interprets whether the aroma is fragrant, acceptable, or pungent. The sensors are also directly connected to the brain, which explains why smells are extremely powerful to induce feelings of nostalgia.

Aromatherapy takes advantage of our strong olfactory senses to inhibit positive emotions, such as joy, relaxation, and mindfulness. Aromatherapy help ground us to the reality of just. . . being.

What is Zen?

With its roots in the Buddhist religion, Zen is a transformative practice of meditation that focuses on the sheer sense of being and living in the moment. It may sound like a complex awakening of someone who dedicated their lives to nothing but meditation, but Zen is more accessible than that. You and I can achieve zen through various practical ways such as:

Meditation: the staple practice of Buddhism. Meditation usually involves just being still (seated or laid down) in a quiet room and directing your train of thoughts.

Unplugging: If you are active in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, we may share this sentiment: it’s getting more and more toxic. Unplugging from social media at least every now and then will help us keep our mental health at bay and realign our priorities based on our own lives, not what other people think or say.

Aromatherapy: You know it! Diffusing great scents around you definitely relieves stress, speeds up healing, and even aid in depression and anxiety.

Make your room a Zen Haven!

With the magic and science of aromatherapy, your room (or any room for that matter) can be an olfactory paradise. Apart from being safe, aromatherapeutic products are relatively affordable. The only challenge is searching for the perfect products for our preferences.

Well, look no further because Pink Zebra offers a wide range of aromatherapy products that will help lighten up your home. Let me discuss a few of them.

Soy-based Wax Melts

Traditional candles and sprinkle melts are made from petroleum and emit carcinogenic substances. A great alternative offered by Pink Zebra are soy-based candles and melts that are extracted from---you guessed it--- soybeans. Apart from being renewable, soy melts are also non-toxic, longer-lasting, and packs scent better. All you will need is a simmer pot, and you’re good to go!


Soaks are the liquid version of our soy-based melts. Requiring no flames, power, or battery, scents can be diffused in the air through reed diffusers, wool, and cloth decoration, or even stuffed animals. We offer more than 30 scents, so creating your own formula is as easy as 1-2-3.

Supa’ Clean

Safety will always be our priority which is why we also offer antibacterial hand soaps and sanitizers we call ‘Supa’ Clean’. Leave your hands clean, moisturized, and fragrant with our alcohol-free and pH-balanced formula. We also have disinfectant sprays that can be applied on different surfaces such as telephones, doorknobs, and tabletops!

Apart from aromatherapy itself, it is important to keep a room clean, well-lit, and quiet to achieve zen.

Ready to tap into your inner peace? Give your room a makeover, diffuse Pink Zebra Scents, and send me a photo! I would love to see it!

Image by: Faye Cornish - Unsplash