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HEROES Hope Program 2018-2019

HEROES Hope Program 2018-2019

Our HEROES Hope Program contributes to U.S. and Canadian charity efforts throughout the year. One fragrance and one Simmering Light each catalog season is dedicated to supporting national charities through HEROES Hope.  For the 2018-2019 catalog season, 10% of sales from any Hope Blue Skies fragrance, Hope Blue Waves Warming Shade and Simmering Light will support Autism Speaks.

Over the last decade Autism Speaks has led major breakthroughs in life-enhancing research, expanded access to resources and support across the life span and increased understanding and acceptance of people with autism. Together, with your help, we will continue to change and impact lives through this amazing partnership.


In the month of April, Pink Zebra raised $20,000 to give to the Autism Speaks Program! That's an amazing goal to reach!

If you'd like to help support this great cause, click here.