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Fall / Winter 2019 is coming...

Fall / Winter 2019 is coming...

Faydra Bullis • Jun 04, 2019

It's almost here! Fall/Winter 2019 catalog!


Who doesn't love the smells of Fall and Winter? I'm very much a Pumpkin Spice latte kinda girl and so all Fall my house smells like Pumpkin anything, and during the Christmas season (basically the day after Thanksgiving on) it smells like Cinnamon and Pine in my household.

These are some of the classic soy wax scents coming back for the Fall/Winter 2019 Catalog! I'm hoping they will also bring back Gingerbread, Farmhouse Cider, Winter Woods, and let not forget all the yummy Halloween scents too like Tricky Treats! I just discovered Pink Zebra on the tail end of April so I didn't get to enjoy last Fall/Winter's scents.  I'm excited to try every single one!

Hubby and I are attending the 2019 Reunion in Phoenix, AZ  next month.  Just a short drive for us since we live in Tucson, AZ. There we will get to see the catalog before it goes live! That's so exciting! We also get to hear great speakers, learn a lot more about this business, and meet other Zeebs! I can't wait!