7 Scents to Keep Your Home Smelling Like Autumn

It's fall!

The earth is starting to cool from the heat of the summer. Trees are beginning to change colors, and the sunset colors are spilling from the skies into the terrains of the land. Leaves fall off from trees and give off a familiar rustling sound, all while the earth prepares to blanket itself in snow in a few months.

Apart from the Thanksgiving rush and Black Friday Sales, I am most excited for the renewed aromatic experience this season brings! Let me discuss a few of them and put the links to my shop to experience the aromatic autumn fun with me.

  1. Cinnamon

One of the most autumn-related scents has got to be cinnamon. When I try to reminisce my best autumn memories, I can smell a faint warm note of cinnamon, whether in the air or in the tea I'm sipping. Cinnamon is best known for its versatile aroma, which you can mix with citrus scents, coffee, chocolate, or even berries. It will just round up the sweetness in any scent.

Of course, cinnamon smells so invigorating on its own as well. Click here and search for "Cinnamon" in the search bar!

  1. Fireside Vanilla

This fragrance is one that never runs out at home. I make sure to melt some every now and again because of its embracing aromatic flavors. The body of the scent is a little bit smokey with dark notes of dried wood and leaves. Top that with a note of vanilla that gives off a floral aroma. It accentuates and brightens the overall mood of a room. The vanilla is also reminiscent of butter cookies and warm milk. Overall, I think the Fireside Vanilla smells like a typical autumn afternoon.

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  1. Apple Pumpkin Butter

Nothing is more autumn-y than an apple pumpkin pie. Did you know that we celebrate Thanksgiving as a display of our gratitude for a great harvest season? And some of the most abundant produce we have during the season are apples and squash.

Good news, you don't need to bake a pie for your home to smell like one! You just have to click here and search for "Apple Pumpkin Butter" on the search bar and purchase!

  1. Rustling Leaves

Along with a prominent color palette, this season brings the aroma of dried leaves. The sound and smell of rustling leaves stir up nostalgic memories from our childhood for most of us. The gentle notes of this scent bring the outdoors in without the hustle and bustle of crawlers and critters. This has got to be one of my top three autumn scents. Give it a try!

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  1. Cashmere Cedar

Can you remember the scent of cozy cabin stays? Well, that's exactly how this scent lands on our noses. Evergreen, woody, a bit balsamic, with notes of peach and apricot. Melting these wax sprinkles feel like a poncho-embrace of great cabin memories. You know you need some.

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  1. Candied Cinnamon Apple

This scent has the body of an apple, slowly baked with the rich aroma of cinnamon and then caramelized to perfection; you can almost taste it.

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  1. Mystic Woods

A scent taken straight from Narnia. Mystic woods combine the best wood and bark scents and top them off with a warm note of berries. This sits as one of the crowd favorites, according to its consistent sales. Jump on the bandwagon with me, and let's give it a sweet try!

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Image by: Alex Geerts (Unsplash)