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Soft Soy Wax

Pink Zebra's on-site lab developed a proprietary blend of eco-friendly soft soy wax and dependable food-grade, paraffin wax to capitalize on the best performing components.

  • Maximizes fragrance
  • Is responsible, renewable and sustainable earth friendly wax
  • Comes from US produced soybeans
  • Is protected by anti-oxidants and UV inhibitors
  • Is cleaner burning
  • Gluten-free

Fragrance Blends

Pink Zebra’s perfumers created a responsible blend of natural and man made ingredients. Our Eco-friendly approach uses naturals where sustainable and avoids them where over harvesting causes harm. The thoughtful benefits of this balance provide you with

  • A wide variety of interesting fragrance options
  • Ensured and consistent supply
  • 100% IFRA safety certified ingredients
  • Mindfulness of fair-trade practices, consciousness of the impact on communities around the world.


The use of color is to create a visual connection to our fragrances in Sprinkles. Carefully and sparingly Pink Zebra uses only eco-friendly responsible dyes. Pink Zebra adheres to the more restrictive textile and cosmetic industry standards which are tested for prolonged skin contact.