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Facebook Party

Party in your PJ's with friends from all over the world. You invite your guests, and I’ll manage the entire event on your own group page while you relax. In this current day and age, Facebook parties are the safest way to have fun and still earn free Hostess rewards with your friends and family!


Blend Bash

Pink Zebra's signature party plan! Gather 10 friends together for an afternoon of blending 8 scents together and creating fun new scents! Each guest pre-orders a Bash Box which is sent to their house before the party, giving them time to fall in love with Pink Zebra Sprinkles. They will then bring their empty Blending Bags to your Blend Bash and fill them with newly Blended scents. Each Blend Bash guarantees $200 Host Reward Level and a free Accent Shade! Available in 6 different themes!


Earn Rewards

The bigger the party, the bigger the rewards! As soon as your party hits $200 you begin earning rewards! When your party hits $500 or more we give a free day of childcare to a single mom! Giving never smelled so good! HostAPartyPage Chart


We love to celebrate you, our Host, as a Very Important Person. So much so, that we want to thank you in a special way! Your V.I.P. Box includes a jar of Sprinkles, bottle of Soak, Lotion, Antibacterial Soap and a 4pk of special Go-Cards in Paisleys Pick of the month, that's only available for a limited time. vipbox vipbox2

Ready to book a party?

I am here to help you every step of the way! First we'll choose which type of party you'd like and what theme. Then we'll pick the date for your party. I will get you the invites to send out and be there to help you host your party!  If friends can’t make it, they can still shop online and you get the credit towards your party. Click here to book!